Virtual Root provides an array of services for the Domain Name Systems (DNS) and generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). Primarily, Virtual Root offers brand protection, cybersquat investigations, and custom reporting services. Service offerings include:

TLDWatch Custom Subscription Services – The TLDWatch platform is an array of data compiled on Registry and Registrar operational information with respect to domain names and represented in trended graphical methods that provide meaning and action. The customized offerings give users access to an array of charts and macro and micro views including access to raw data like drop and adds of second level domain names.

Virtual Root Cybersquat Investigations – Companies small to large face an ever evolving threat of their brands being used in bad faith and illegal monetization. Virtual Root’s algorithm searches our database for domains registered with your brand or mark. A threat matrix is constructed in a manner that creates an action plan in which companies can mitigate the cyber squatting threat.

Domain Monitoring – Mitigating the cybersquat threat is only the first step to protecting your brand and marks online. Rigorous monitoring of domain registrations is vital to ongoing protection. Virtual Root can provide daily monitoring and instant notification to customers to protect their brand before the threat becomes detrimental.

Pre-2012 & Post-2012 gTLD Market Analysis & Research – Virtual Root’s infrastructure monitors registrations for all generic top level domains on a daily basis. Our customized reporting services provide value to clients who seek industry wide information of DNS activity. Stay tuned for our quarterly “state of the industry” reports.

Internet Policy Development & Internet Governance – Virtual Root has been involved in internet policy development and governance for many years. If your organization seeks representation at ICANN, Virtual Root can assist your organization in learning how issues of most importance can be represented in the right forums.

Virtual Root Consulting Services can assist customers with a variety of needs to understand and navigate the DNS. As the DNS continues to grow, new entrants will require assistance with applying for and operating a new top level domain.