New gTLDs Not Re-Approving CZDS Requests

Increased and unnecessary overhead!

Over the 2014 holidays and in to the new year of 2015, we’ve had many zonefile access requests expire.  Some registries are bypassing this issue by giving us access without expiration and a few others are very quick to re-approve our request.  However, many Registry Operators fail to be responsive and not act with a sense of urgency even though they are contractually obligated to provide “daily” access.  The image below highlights how this affects the accuracy of our data, especially with macro level charts as seen on our homepage (  You can also view the details on our summary page and sort by “Current Date” (

gTLDs not approving zonefile access

gTLDs not approving zonefile access

After 5 business days, we now file a compliance request with ICANN (  We have now filed over 40 compliance requests to draw more attention to this issue.

We’re hopeful that ICANN will enhance the CZDS tool to provide Registry Operators with more flexibility to grant different types of access to CZDS user requests and the ROs will become more responsive.

As a side note, you will notice an old date for .com.  We are still processing this zone to catch up to current date.  New hardware is on the way.  😉