Donuts & Rightside Sitrep

Both Donuts and Rightside can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Granted it may take a while for their remaining contentions to be resolved and if won delegated, but based on this latest review, the deployment of new gTLDs are a reduced focus.  No doubt their application and deployment processes are well oiled and well thought out processes.

See the attached PDF for details: donuts_rightside_20150303

Starting from their base applications of 307 & 26:

  • Dozen Donuts LLC is 95% complete from their original 200 apps
  • Covered Donuts LLC is 80.4% complete from their original 107 apps
  • Rightside (United TLD) is 84.6% complete from their original 26 apps

Strings in Contention:

  • Dozen Donuts has 11 strings to delegate, 10 apps remain of which 9 are in contention
  • Covered Donuts has 12 strings to delegate, with 21 apps all in contention
  • United TLD has 4 strings remaining in contention

Other notables:

  • 18 Strings have been transferred from Covered Donuts to United TLD, all of which are delegated:
    • auction
    • attorney
    • band
    • consulting
    • degree
    • dentist
    • forsale
    • futbol
    • haus
    • lawyer
    • market
    • mortgage
    • reviews
    • rocks
    • sale
    • software
    • video
    • vet
  • Rightside operates as the backend Registry Services Provider for each gTLD, which stands at 223 and will only increase as other contentions are settled.

Recently in a press release, Donuts had mentioned that they expect to end up with 200 strings.  Considering what has been delegated and recently one and soon to be delegated, that places Donuts at 199.  To it will be easy to hit that mark, so it is just a question of how many will be transferred to United TLD.

As a process geek, well done!

Next up………marketing time?  How much? How heavy?