Donuts Prevails in COUPONS and SOCCER

Donuts has prevailed in two more strings today according to ICANN’s micro New gTLD site.

  1. .COUPONS – prevailed over via Dozen Donuts.  This will be interesting competition with Amazon that prevailed over Minds & Machines for .COUPON the singular.  Amazon’s string has yet to delegate.
  2. .SOCCER – prevailed over Minds and Machines, Soccer United Marketing, and Famous Four Media.  This makes four in the last two days that Donuts has prevailed over FFM.

This reduces the 25 March ICANN Auction pool by two:

  • baseball
  • diy
  • family
  • free
  • fyi
  • gmbh
  • mba
  • mom
  • phd
  • ping
  • srl
  • tube