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gTLD Statistics & Business Implications – 1st Quarter 2015 in Review

Building off an inaugural presentation on the gTLD Statistics and Business Implications at the 2015 NamesCon held in Las Vegas, .TBA (@dottba) and TLDwatch collaborate once again to provide an update for the first quarter of 2015. The audio presentation will briefly walk you through the slides and the presentation is also attached for at-will viewing.  The […]

Donuts & Rightside Sitrep

Both Donuts and Rightside can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Granted it may take a while for their remaining contentions to be resolved and if won delegated, but based on this latest review, the deployment of new gTLDs are a reduced focus.  No doubt their application and deployment processes are well […]

Donuts Appears to be Cleaning House

It is good to see by some of today stat’s that Donuts and/or their partner Registrar is actively managing names that may appear to have been abusive or at the very least the registrations have questionable WHOIS records.  Or perhaps, these are just tests for future monitoring activities.  Given the list of SLD names and […] Claims Notice

We tested out trying to find a real Trademark Claims Notice.  We found one for  As you will recall, a notice is only supplied to the Registrant just prior to paying for the registration of the said domain name.  The Registrant must accept the notice to complete the registration, but the mark holder is […]