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.FYI your .PHD .MOM & her .FAMILY can watch the .TUBE for .FREE

What seemed like an unusually quiet week for contention set resolution, ICANN updated its NewGTLD Micro site late Friday revealing six contention sets being resolved. .FAMILY – Covered Donuts prevailed over Google and Uniregistry.FREE – Amazon prevailed over Dozen Donuts, Google, Uniregistry and Minds & Machines.FYI – Dozen Donuts prevailed over Google.MOM – Uniregistry prevailed […]

New gTLDs Not Re-Approving CZDS Requests

Increased and unnecessary overhead! Over the 2014 holidays and in to the new year of 2015, we’ve had many zonefile access requests expire.  Some registries are bypassing this issue by giving us access without expiration and a few others are very quick to re-approve our request.  However, many Registry Operators fail to be responsive and […]

TLDWatch & DotTBA at NamesCon

For the last day of the NamesCon conference, DotTBA and TLDWatch joined for a in-depth presentation on gTLD statistics and business implications. The presentation includes: A review of the 2014 gTLD activity Discussion of the Tier concept to rank gTLDs Projections for 2015 & beyond Drafting plan for lower tier gTLDs The presentation is attached New […]

Zonefile Processing – Sitrep 23 Mar 2014

As of today, this marks two straight weeks of successful zonefile access from ICANN’s CZDS and Registries for which we are approved. On our daily charts (rolling 10 days), Grandpa’s teeth are a fully restored set of dentures. For those that do not understand the pun, when we miss a zone, that missed day shows […]

New gTLD Application Status – 22 January 2014 Application status statistics:   Registry Operator Registration Policy Designation (note this is speculative until a TLD delegates and the registration policy can be confirmed):     Registry Service Provider status statistics: