21 Jan 2015 ICANN Auction No Longer Required

As recent of 6 Jan 2015, there were six contention sets to be resolved for the 21 Jan 2015 ICANN new gTLD auction.  However, none of the strings will hit the auction block with the next scheduled auction occurring on 25 Feb 2015.

Three strings were removed due to an emergency IRP being granted to Dot Registry LLC for .INC, .LLC, .LLP (https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2015-01-07-en).  The IRP is in regards to the three applications not being scored with the required points for community consideration.

Yesterday, the three remaining strings appear to be settled:

  • Google withdrew for .movie providing an indication that this contention is settled.  However….Amazon, Famous Four Media, Motion Picture Domain Registry and Donuts still have active applications.
  • Amazon prevailed in .WOW over Google
  • Donuts prevailed over Google for .PLUS

The following strings are scheduled for 25 Feb, but obviously this list will change a lot between now and then.

String                                                                                                #Applicants

app 12
beauty 3
bet 3
blog 9
box 2
cafe 2
dds 2
doctor 3
express 2
forum 3
fun 3
hair 2
living 2
map 3
moto 2
search 4
show 4
store 7
team 4
theater 2
unicom 1
unicorn 1